Homage to Every Bathroom Tear
Installation at the University of Massachusetts Fine Arts Center, on view April 22-28, 2018
I despise public bathrooms; they are aesthetically unappealing and one wants to get in and out of them as quickly as possible. Could we have a different experience when we enter? For this installation, I have chosen to address the lack of appeal by creating for users a more aesthetic experience.

My project consists of laser cut poster board that casts shadows, bringing the outside into the space. The shadows create a more hospitable environment and hopefully enable users to pay attention to where they are and rethink what it means to use a bathroom in a public space. My intention is that this project exists as a space worthy of visitation. It exists as a way to compromise the inherent discomfort these spaces; to give rise to positive feelings about spaces where the line between public and private is so deeply blurred.
Final Vector File
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